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EDGE projects

EDGE2 isthmus




The first Edge project, EDGE1 PERIPHERIES OF PRACTICE  took place on Bruny Island, April 2 to May 24, 2015.



The second Edge project, EDGE2 ISTHMUS, will take place at the Alonnah Hall, Bruny Island, January 12 to February 1, 2016, as part of MONA FOMA.


EDGE PROJECTS  is an arts initiative by the Bruny Island based company, Social Justice Communications (SJC), in collaboration with leading mainland Tasmanian and Bruny Island artists, based in the southern regions of Australia. "Edge" is about working in the peripheries, both in a literal and abstract sense: the remote south, coastal edges, cutting edge practice. It is about how the seemingly infinite space of Bruny Island and southern Tasmania is understood through an artist's eye. Edge is also about breaking new ground; moving beyond the thresholds of conventional space or place; testing the limits of materiality. Caroline Rannersberger, a Bruny based artist, and Co-Director of SJC,  is the curator of the project and is working closely with the artists to present events of national and international standing. 

Image copyright Richard Bennett



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