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EDGE1 peripheries of practice



Geoff Dyer: Arguably Tasmania’s most prominent landscape painter, Geoff Dyer is well known for having won the Archibald with his portrait of Tasmanian environmentalist and writer, Richard Flanagan. Geoff Dyer’s expressive landscapes reflect Tasmania’s unique environment and have also become an important part of our cultural landscape.  Geoff Dyer's works are courtesy Despard Gallery.


Tim Burns: Tim Burns is one of Tasmania’s leading landscape painters, having previously won the Wynne Prize and the Fleurieu Art Prize. ‘Tim Burns paints landscapes that appear abstracted from the real world, while at the same time emitting a fullness of personal experience and intimate knowledge. The exquisite beauty of so many of his large landscapes seems to emerge from this duality.’ (adapted from: Celia Lendis, Artlink, Vol 29 no.4, 2009). Tim Burns' works are courtesy Bett Gallery.


Ian Parry: Parry exhibits widely in Tasmania, Melbourne and regional Victoria. His works are represented in major public and private collections in Australia and overseas, including the National Gallery of Victoria, National Gallery of Australia, Holmes a Court Collection in WA, the Macquarie Bank Collection, Sydney, and the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Ian Parry's works are courtesy Colville Gallery.


Sophie Carnell: Working with glass at a larger sculptural scale and with smaller wearable art processes, Sophie Carnell juxtaposes the contrasts inherent in glass with the alchemical forms of metal and found objects. Exquisite tensions arise between fragility, strength, vulnerability. Sophie has been shortlisted for a number of prizes, including the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize. Sophie Carnell's works are courtesy Despard Gallery.


Michaye Boulter: Michaye Boulter’s practice is inextricably influenced by the Australian coastline and the sublimity of the infinite ocean. Her creative output charts the paradoxical vastness and intimacy of the sea, channelling unfiltered memories that collectively reveal a psychological symbiosis with the natural world. Boulter has been shortlisted for numerous prizes across Australia, including six times for the John Glover Art Prize. Michaye Boulter's works are courtesy Handmark Gallery.


 Jock Young: A painter’s painter, Jock Young has been gaining major recognition through numerous awards including the Glover and Tattersalls Prizes. Young’s work is an insightful and intimately personal contemplation of light and colour in the landscape. Jock Young's works are courtesy Handmark Gallery.


Edward Arrowsmith: Edward Arrowsmith has a background as an academic, having lectured extensively in ceramics and as a community arts practitioner. Edward’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries throughout Australia and internationally. He has explored a variety of mediums including ceramics, glass, and photography, all manner of 2D mediums, installations, environmental works and digital media.


Lauren Harris: One of Australia’s leading young jewellers, Harris' is recognised for her outstanding work in silver and gold and Eyris and Pacific blue pearls. She combines ancient and modern techniques with her own improvisations, much of which is inspired by Bruny Island, where she currently lives and works. Lauren is a member of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia.


Caroline Rannersberger: Curator of EDGE1. Recently exhibited at Hazelhurst Regional gallery with 'Australia’s leading landscape painters’, (Carrie Kibbler, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, 2014), Caroline works from a direct encounter with the land and then reformulates that experience as a fiction in the studio. Rannersberger’s work is held in major collections including the National Gallery of Australia. She has been a finalist in major prizes including the Fleurieu Prize, the Glover Prize and the Alice Prize. Caroline Rannersberger's works are courtesy Despard Gallery.


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